Designated donation
We will collect the sharing and create a culture and art that develops together.

Benefits of Donation

A reliable companion to
cultural artists

The K-Art International Exchange Association is leading the globalization of Korean art through international art exchange. To expand the base of art culture, education, and domestic art students and artists so that they can become as global talents.
Please be a reliable partner for supporting and nurturing cultural artists.


  • Tax benefits for end-of-year settlement contributions
  • Gift of invitation tickets or souvenirs at cultural and artistic events hosted, organized, or sponsored by the association
  • Providing opportunities for preferential participation in cultural and artistic events and programs promoted by the association
  • Each year, one outstanding general member and one group member are selected to present artworks

Tax deduction rate for designated donations (as of 2022)

contribution amount private corporation
less than 10 million won 15% 10%
Over 10 million won 30% 10%

※ In accordance with the Income Tax Act, the Corporate Tax Act, and the Act on the Recruitment and Use of Contributions, the receipt of donations is issued only to the donor
※ When donating under the name of a child (minor), the subject of basic deduction (spouse, brother, sister, lineal ascendant, lineal descendant, etc.) can be deducted (but not more than 1 million won)

Donation operation management

Arts, nurturing and
public service

Payment of

K-Art International
Exchange Association

  • Donation
  • Donation benefit

temporary donor

Donation operation management

K-Art International Exchange Association

Payment of

Arts, nurturing and public service


Regular,temporary donor