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We support students who will broaden the areas of art and reveal future culture and arts.

International Youth Art Education Training

Event Name

2023 Korea- Japan Art Education Training in SAGA

Meaning of the event

Participating in art contests, art festivals, and practical competitions hosted by the K-Art International Exchange Association, we provide an opportunity to participate in the Japanese art education training program for award-winning students. In the art education training, visitors to museums in Japan and lectures by Japanese artists can understand and develop the current status of Korean and Japanese art, and experience a wider world for future talents through exchanges with students majoring in Japanese art.

Event overview
    Event overview
  • Scheduled for January 2023 (undetermined)
  • Fukuoka, Japan, all regions of Nagasaki
  • K-Art International Exchange Association
  • K-Art International Exchange Association, a private exchange history for Korea-Japanese art training

※ The above schedule is subject to change and will be announced on the website of the K-Art Exchange Association.

Event Contents
  • Art Exchange with Students in Both Korea and Japan
  • A lecture by a Japanese artist
  • Exchange certificate issued in a private art training, working (All of the participants)
Expected Effect
  • Through cultural and artistic exchanges between Korean and Japanese students, I hope they will experience a wider world and grow their own art world.
  • It provides an opportunity for art students who will lead art in Korea and Japan to develop their art and creativity.