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International Youth Arts Festival

Event Name

2022 International Youth Arts Festival (2022 ITAF)

Meaning of the event

The International Youth Arts Festival, held in Busan, a green smart city for teenagers around the world, is an event that allows teenagers around the world to experience various cultural arts in person, not one-off. And through this, we have held a venue for artistic creativity every year, starting with the International Youth Eoulnuri Festival in 2021.
By holding the 2022 International Youth Art Festival this year, it will serve as a bridge for teenagers around the world to grow as future artists.

Event Overview
    Participation qualifications
  • Middle and high school students, graduates (21st and 22nd grades) and equivalent 2022 International Youth Art Participants in the contest (*first-come, first-served 200 people)
    Event period
  • August 2nd (Tue) to August 8th (Mon) 2022 ( Main event August 6th to 7th, 1 night and 2 days)
  • - Korean students: August 6th (Sat) to August 7th (Sun), 2022 1 night 2 days
  • - Japanese Student: August 5th (Fri) to August 8th (Mon), 2022 3 nights 4 days
  • - Indian student: August 2nd (Tue) to August 8th (Mon), 2022 6 nights 7 days
  • Busan Tourism Organization Arpina (scheduled), Busan Nurimaru APEC House
    Participation fee
  • Free of charge
    Side events
  • International Youth Art Practical Contest, Hanbok, Tea Ceremony Experience, Recreation
    Host, Organizer
  • K-Art International Exchange Association
  • Busan Bank, Blue Indus, Quartet Museum
    Cooperative agencies
  • UNICEF, Jeju International Arts Center, Inko Centre, a private exchange history for Korea-Japanese art training

※ The above schedule is subject to change and will be announced on the website of the K-Art Exchange Association.

Expected Effect
  • Establishing correct values and a healthy culture etiquette spirit by generating positive energy through culture and art.
  • Participating students experience Korean cultural etiquette and visits to historical sites, which raises the image of Korea.
  • An opportunity to share and understand each other's culture and arts by living together for one night and two days.
  • Understanding the flow of youth art in each country and preoccupying next-generation trends through art practical competitions.
  • Providing Busan citizens and tourists with an opportunity to compare and appreciate the works of teenagers around the world.
Plan linked to a follow-up project
  • Supporting and discovering artists by planning offline exhibitions, creating and sponsoring ecological conditions
  • Exhibition of International Art and Culture Exhibition (Nuri Maru APEC House)
  • Opportunity to display outstanding works online at InKo Centre in India
  • Provide opportunities to participate in the 2022 Busan International Art Fair Group Exhibition (December 1 - 5, 2022 / BEXCO)
  • Opportunities for priority participation in overseas training and art course programs (notification of overseas training countries and programs later)
  • Part of the donation is donated to Unicef, which helps children in the poorest countries suffering from starvation and disease