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India Biennale

Event Name

2022 India Mumbai Biennale

Meaning of the event

Based on the successful results of the Korea Contemporary Spectrum held in July 2011, the K-Art International Exchange Association signed an agreement with the Inko Centre of India to hold a regular Chennai Biennale every two years from 2013 until now. And in 2018, it is held regularly every two years in Mumbai, India, by signing an agreement with Mumbai JJ Art University, which has made the history of Indian art for more than 160 years.

The Indian Biennale, which became the cornerstone of cultural and artistic exchanges between Korea and India, promotes the flow of Korean modern art to the Indian art world, introduces its artistic value, deals with issues of modern art in their own ways, and acts as a bridge for continuous exchanges.

Event Overview
    Event period
  • December 17 ~ 31, 2022
  • Sir J.J. School of Art, India
    Host / Organizer
  • K-Art International Exchange Association / Incho Centre / Sir J. J. School of Art

※ The above schedule is subject to change and will be announced on the website of the K-Art Exchange Association.

Expected Effect
  • As an important exhibition to promote the excellence of Korean art in India, we hope that Korean artists' works containing the Korean spirit will be presented to the public and serve as a bridge to promote Korean culture and the artistic spirit of Korea and India.
  • Also, we hope that this will be a great medium for human exchange such as art culture and industry.
  • Industrial exchange between sponsoring companies through culture and art.