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Busan International Art Fair

Event Name

2022 Busan International Art Fair (2022 BIAF)

Meaning of the event

Busan International Art Fair introduces a wide range of works to present the most modern perspective of contemporary art to the audience, not the fragmentary trend of modern art, and invites great artists who penetrate the present while guaranteeing the tradition and uniqueness of Korean beauty. and it is a new type of "open art big marketplace" where artists and art lovers can directly trade works at reasonable prices, breaking down various boundaries that existed inside existing art culture and pursuing wide communication.

It also actively introduces non-Western art and leads continuous cooperation with overseas art circles, including influential Asian artists such as China, Japan, India, and Vietnam, and strives to create a valuable opportunity to gain broad sympathy based on a deeper understanding of cross-boundary modern art.

The Busan International Art Fair, which was launched in 2007 in Busan, a cultural city, and marks its 21st anniversary in 2007 to create a new wind as the center of the international art market, will be held in BEXCO, Busan, from December 1st (Thu) to 5th (Mon).

Event Overview
    Event period
  • December 1st (Thu) to 5th (Mon) [5 days] Daily: 10:00 to 19:00
    Night extension opening: December 2, 2022 (Fri), 10:00 to 21:00
  • BEXCO 2nd Exhibition Hall in Busan
  • K-Art International Exchange Association
  • 2022 Busan International Art Fair Steering Committee
  • Blue Indus, Quartet Museum
    Cooperative agencies
  • UNICEF, Jeju International Arts Center, Inko Centre

※ The above schedule is subject to change and will be announced on the website of the K-Art Exchange Association.

Expected Effect
  • Provide citizens interested in culture and art with an opportunity to enjoy and listen to the explantion for the world of various contemporary art works by famous artists at home and abroad.
  • Introducing good works of art to collectors and promoting transparency in the art market by leading art transactions at reasonable and correct prices through direct transactions with artists without going through galleries.
  • Through direct transactions with consumers, the transaction structure is improved so that the artist receives full compensation for the creation of the work, and based on this, it helps to create a self-sustaining creative environment and to form a reasonable art price.
  • It seeks to diversify its art transactions by inviting overseas galleries and collectors to support large-scale exhibitions such as biennials and artists seeking to expand overseas.
  • Following 2020, the 2021 New Wave Writers' Exhibition will be pre-exhibited and reviewed, inviting artists from home and abroad to about 60% of exhibition spaces, contributing to the development of future art culture such as artist support, discovery, ecological conditions, and sponsorship.
Plan linked to a follow-up project
  • Supporting and discovering artists by planning offline exhibitions, creating and sponsoring ecological conditions
  • Metabus Cyber Exhibition Opportunities and Support
  • Provide and support opportunities for international exhibitions
  • Support for youth art education projects