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Inko Centre Exhibition

Event Name

2022 Inko Centre Exhibition

Meaning of the event

Since 2015, the Inko Centre of the Korean Cultural Centre in Chennai, India, has regularly held Korean contemporary artists exhibition four times a year at the Inko Centre Gallery, expanding the field of cultural diplomacy by re-examining the two countries' excellent cultures and promoting exhibition exchanges.

Event Overview
    Event period
  • July 28th (Thu) to August 28th (Sun) 2022
  • Inko Centre Gallery
  • K-Art International Exchange Association
  • Inko Centre

※ The above schedule is subject to change and will be announced on the website of the K-Art Exchange Association.

Expected Effect
  • By showing the works containing the artistic spirit of Korean artists to the public in India, we look forward to the bridge between the spread of Korean culture and the artistic spirit of Korea and India.
  • It is expected to be a great medium for continuing the exchange of art, culture, and industry