Art becomes another business, and the business becomes another art.

The first chapter general provisions

Article 1 (name)
This corporation shall be referred to as the "K-Art International Exchange Association" (hereinafter referred to as "K-Art Corporation").
Article 2 (name)
K-Art Corporation aims to introduce Korean art to foreign countries through international art exchanges and introduce foreign art to Korea to realize art culture and human exchanges, art education and base expansion, and social services.
Article 3 (name)
The main office of the K-Art corporation is located in Busan Metropolitan City, and a branch office of the corporation can be additionally established in an exchange country by a resolution of the board of directors.
Article 4 (name)
In order to achieve the purpose of Article 2, K-Art Corporation shall carry out the following projects.
  • 1. Project for International Art and Culture Exchange
  • 2. Project for the creative activity
  • 3. Project for the Expansion of the Base and Backward Development of Art
  • 4. Projects for the rights and welfare of members
  • 5. Projects to promote youth art education
  • 6. Exhibition agency service industry
  • 7. Art Fair
  • 8. Planning exhibition facilities
  • 9. Operation of the Cultural Exhibition Hall
  • 10.Other projects to achieve the purpose of the plenary session
Article 5 (name)
1. When necessary for the purpose business under Article 4, the plenary session may conduct profit-making business within the scope not contrary to its essence.
2. Proceeds from the profit business of the plenary session shall be used for the public interest.